Security Code's online conference

2020 brought adjustments to the event industry and almost 99% of events were moved online.

Our team of experts at iMarussia! team has been engaged in online projects for 3 years. Therefore, we approached the important task of organizing Security Code's first large-scale online conference with confidence, having gained extensive experience with television projects.

The winner of the popular vote in the categories:

Security Code is a leading company in Russia that develops software and hardware and ensures the security of information systems.

An online conference for an IT company occupying this position should be a benchmark in everything, reflecting all modern trends and including maximum interactive dynamics for audience engagement.

The most important aspect of an online event is content. We have carefully designed and packaged content into an online format, and a number of performances have included AR (augmented reality) elements.

The task before us was not just to transfer a usual offline conference into an online one, but to make a full-fledged online event that is interesting and convenient to watch, with the ability to choose a device—whether from a computer in any browser or from a smartphone in a mobile app.

While preparing the project, we:

  • Additionally pumped up our experts with online producers courses.
  • Attracted external experts and consultants to provide a fresh look from the sidelines. One of these experts was Pyotr Ivanov, a well-known creative producer, who evaluated and supplemented our ideas.
  • Regularly provided a high level of "visual experience" for the project team. We looked at all the online events on IT and security that our colleagues did in Russia and abroad, noting both successful moments and what exactly not to do.

Key points of the project:

  • Technical Production

Two thematic sections and a round table, 3 simultaneous streams—for us, this meant 3 online studios located next to each other, as speakers overlap in the program. The site of the World Trade Center was ideally suited for this format, providing the opportunity to build a whole floor of the Ladoga space for 3 full-fledged online studios.

  • Preparing speakers for TEDx-style presentations

Together with Artem Gusev and the Glagol team, we prepared speakers for persuasive speeches at an online conference, taught them how to focus on the main thing. With the help of trainers, speakers generated ideas and sought the essence of their speeches, created the right structure, and added cases, examples, metaphors, wow moments, stories—everything that hooks listeners and keeps the audience from getting bored.

  • Animation and Graphics

Graphics and animation at any online event seriously livens up the picture, adds brightness and dynamics to the screen. Hundreds of layouts were collected—business cards for all speakers, stingers for frame changes, screensavers, captions, on-screen graphics, logos, and animated slides for speaker presentations.

  • AR (augmented reality)

Augmented reality performances engage viewers, "surprising and delighting" them. Therefore, in order to enhance the effect of the presentations, 3-dimensional images of servers, cloud services, and other 3-dimensional animated objects were in the studios next to the speakers during the broadcast.


  • Mobile app we made with the Eventicious team

In the app, it was possible to register for the conference, browse the event program, read about the speakers, leave questions for them, chat, and, of course, watch the conference itself. And the most important part of the app—push notifications, which allowed us to manage the audience's attention and bring back the participants who got distracted by other things.

  • Gamification Elements

To further engage the audience in watching the event, we came up with and launched a contest with QR codes. QR codes appeared on screen at different times, and attentive participants who watched the event from start to finish scanned them, collected a secret phrase, and sent them to the chat, thereby gaining valuable prizes.

In the final photo: part of the iMARUSSIA! team of perfectionists, who made this event truly incredible!

The project won the popular vote at EventAwardsRussia — Event of the Year in two categories in the same year: Online Conference of the Year and Online Business Forum of the Year.
In addition, the project was nominated for a prize in the Best Online Event category at the Silver Mercury festival.