Raiffeisen Bank Values Fest

Values are not surprising to anyone today because almost everybody has them.

Still, in Raiffeisen Bank they determine the game rules: employees follow our values, and in return the bank offers a comfortable atmosphere, authority and resources for independent work.

In order to stick with certain values, it is not enough to know their names.

You need to know:

  • what is consistent with the spirit of a particular value and what is not
  • exactly what kind of behavior the bank expects from you
  • following values is a good deal!

How can this be achieved?

Sparking interest, educating, engaging — holding Values Fest, to be precise.

There are two weeks, dozens of interactive tasks, tests, video sketches with colleagues and even a quest. In short, everything to figure out which behaviors are value-based and which are not.

However, corporate online activities are so numerous everyone got tired. How to convince employees that they definitely need this fest? You may add investment mechanics: the higher the activity is, the more tasks are available; the more tasks are available, the higher the value index and investment income of participants are. More income = more gifts in the corporate shop are affordable.

So, what we had:

  • situational games
  • video quests and sketches
  • voice messages of the customers
  • browser games
  • quizzes with gags
  • shop with valuable gifts

Aaand... Grand finale — talk show with Irina Chesnokova!!

Oh yeah, and we also used referral mechanics which became a meme in our internal chats.

Fest findings

  • more than 4,000 employees
  • almost 4.5 million coins earned
  • more than 1,500 gifts bought in total

* We converted all unused coins into rubles and donated to charity.