Online Environmental Tour by M.Video

Is there electronics recycling in Russia? If so, how does the recycling of technical devices and electronics work? Where and who collect old household appliances?
These questions must have come to mind of everyone who looked at their old iron or refrigerator and thought about how to dispose of them. Besides, more and more people today opt for responsible consumption and proper disposal of old things, so that as few harmful substances as possible get into the environment.
And that was our main driver. We had to explain (in a convenient online format) how to hand over household appliances for recycling and what happens next.
The online tour began at an M.Video store. Here old appliances brought by customers are given a second chance for making the world a safer and better place.

Then we moved next to a factory of Ekotekhprom, an M.Video and Eldorado partner, where electronics are processed.

Dmitry Mishlanov gave the online tour together with chief engineer of the factory Sergey Orlyansky, who spoke in detail about the processing technology and its stages: from the division into large and small household appliances, manual sorting with the removal of garbage, glass and cables, to mechanical
processing when metal and plastic are crushed to the desired fraction.

At the factory, our team wanted to show how proper disposal contributes to the obtaining of valuable secondary raw materials and reducing of the harmful impact on the environment. At the end, we gave answers to the most popular questions of our viewers.

You don't have to be scared of your old TV's destiny, because now you know how everything works. Feel free to bring it to the nearest station that collects electronics in M.Video and Eldorado stores.

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