MEGA (IKEA) photo zone at the LADY GAGA’s grand show

iMARUSSIA! continues to implement a series of marketing projects for NSC "MEGA" (IKEA) by actively involving young audiences.

This time we focused on the shocking LADY GAGA concert, where we established a special photo zone with a promotional group and photographer.

It became clear right from the start that the photo zone would be extremely popular!

Even the SCC staff actively took mobile pictures before the opening of the event. 

Many guests had fantastic looks on. 

We should also point out that guests didn’t let promotional staff leave when the studio work ended and kept asking for more images.

LADY GAGA expressed a wish to be photographed at the photo zone, but was approached by a crowd of fans. 

As always, all photos are available on the official website NSC "MEGA" (IKEA) and social media pages of the company.

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