Integration of the AST Brand into the Wine Picnic 2021 Festival

We had on our side: 

a perfect weather, a large tent, musical compositions of all genres, various activities and a whole lot of cheeses of all varieties and colors, seafood, wine, a case of Bols liqueur, a pint of pure prosecco and two dozen bottles of pink from Provence. One can argue whether all this was necessary for a summer event, but once you throw a wine party it is hard to stop. The lack of ice, that was something we worried about. A drink without ice is no doubt the most useless, irresponsible and vicious thing in the whole world.

We knew that at some point we would have to deal with it.

But the #WinePicnic2021 organizers had other plans and provided enough ice to suit our needs.


See how we helped the picnic's general partner, AST, to integrate all these things into this amazing event.

The key objectives were as follows:

  • provision of promotional equipment and people
  • set and branding creation
  • technical support of the activity zones
  • coordination